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Shabbat ~ January 11, 18

9:30   Coffee & Chassidut
10:00 Shabbat Services
11:30 Kiddush Luncheon 

Join us for Shabbat services on Shabbat mornings. Our services are warm and engaging with contemporary explanations on the weekly Torah portion.

The entire family is welcomed at services and there will be special games and activities for the children.

RSVP: [email protected] or call 832-651-6964 | No Charge 

***Jewish prayer is G‑d’s way of telling the Jewish people, “speak to Me and I will listen.” Three times a day, Jews pray to G‑d, thanking Him, praising Him, and beseeching Him for personal requests. Often conducted in synagogue, but also taking place in private homes, airports or offices, prayer is a time to step back and reflect. In this class, we will explore various prayers and the meaning behind the words. ***